Who we support

We work with organisations of all sizes, from small niche businesses to global internationals, across a variety of industries to help discover, develop and implement innovative marketing and communication strategies.

The Think team will bring a fresh and mindful approach to every campaign with measurable results. When you work with Think, you get a unique consulting experience tailored to your exact needs. This may free up time and allow you and your marketing team to work smarter on the creative and innovative thinking side of your business instead of just working harder.

Financial Services

We work with businesses in the financial sector to provide assistance in corporate communication, stakeholder engagement, change management and investor relations during significant company change. Whether it be a corporate restructure or M&A, we can develop an effective and tailored communication plan to ensure all stakeholders in informed and up-to-date. We also manage all day-to-day marketing activities for the B2C side of the business to ensure operations continue to run smoothly.


We work with high profile clients across industries such as mining, engineering and building, to provide support in strategy development and execution, corporate communication, stakeholder engagement and change management. We work with publicly listed businesses on large-scale projects and ensure all communication activities are effective and aligned with the overarching business goals.


Sport, Health & Wellness

We work with local sporting associations to assist in building communication plans and marketing activities from the ground up. We work with clubs and schools to drive community engagement and implement new and creative initiatives to increase brand awareness. We tell their stories in unique and genuine ways to engage with the wider community and encourage participation.


Business Services

Our experience with B2B marketing has made us perfect communication partners for companies providing business services. After all, we are in the B2B world ourselves so we understand it well. We get to know your business inside out: competitors, stakeholders, service offerings, industry trends and previous communication activities. From writing website content to strategic targeting campaigns, we are a one-stop-shop for B2B organisations.

Retail and hospitality

Our experience and connections in public relations make us an ideal partner for organisations in the retail and hospitality sector. We deliver exciting and creative campaigns, such as online store launches, video concepts and influencer marketing, and ensure your brand voice is on point. We provide day-to-day support in campaign planning, social media management, website content writing, media placements and more.

Not for profit

We proudly support not-for-profit organisations across a range of services, including strategy development, stakeholder engagement, outreach marketing and the development of marketing collateral. We assist these organisations to effectively communicate the cause to their target audience, to raise awareness and encourage funding and support.


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