There are a few ways to answer this question, so in true Think style, we’ll give you a little bit of everything. The corporate biography is important, and we have plenty of practice writing one, but we’ll also give you an inside look at who you’ll be working with when you partner with Think Communications.

Think Communications specialises in corporate and digital communication. We deliver wide-ranging and creative solutions to help separate businesses from their competitors.

Our Founder and Director, Sophie McCullen, has over 10 years of industry experience and an uncanny ability to find the right words every time. Throughout her career, she has worked on countless projects with highly regarded agencies and international Fortune 500 companies alike. Sophie found her inspiration in 2016 while working in the United States on a global communications campaign. Working alongside world-class consultants and Twitter representatives, Sophie delved into a variety of new and used concepts and strategies used to effectively give businesses a voice, and it was there she decided to craft a unique consulting experience for businesses back in Australia. And so, with a little bit of research, a lot of planning and a relocation back home, Think Communications came to be.

The Think team brings a fresh and thought-out approach to every campaign to deliver effective results – no client is too small, no brief is too big. We have created and executed communication and marketing strategies across a range of industries from financial services to health and wellness. We can help with the little things too. We tailor our services to your needs and our preferred method is definitely hands-on. We’re happy to be in your office, working with your team, to collaboratively reach your goals.

Think Communications is based on the Gold Coast and brings a little bit of that signature spirit to all our undertakings. The team is constantly growing and our voice is definitely getting louder!

If you think we can we help you find yours then email us on to find out more.