In simple terms, evergreen content is content that stays relevant long past its original publication date. It will continue to rank higher in SEO as it gains more and more visits over time. Rather than a timely post about popular culture or current events, evergreen content is often broad and educational in nature. These time-sensitive posts have their place in your content strategy too, and often spike traffic in the short term but plateau over time as the topic loses traction. That’s why you use evergreen content to balance out your strategy and maintain constant traffic, boosting your ranking and creating all-important backlinks as your content is shared.

Can I re-share evergreen content?

Absolutely! Because this type of content is always valuable, you can share it on your social media every 6-12 months to keep it refreshed and help take a load off your content team every now and again. For example, if you are marketing a cosmetics company, there’s always going to be someone out there who wants to know how to apply your product or what the difference is between bronzer and highlighter. For the former, a video would be an excellent resource and perhaps a blog post with helpful images for the latter. Carefully written in a timeless way (e.g. avoid language too geared towards current trends), you’ll be able to use this content for years to come.

How can I create evergreen content?

If I’ve played my cards right, this blog will become evergreen content. Here are the ways I’ve crafted it to give it the best chance:

  • I’m answering a general question, so as people search for an answer to their evergreen content questions, my article has a chance of popping up.
  • I’ve kept it broad and more geared towards beginners. Experts in SEO and content marketing aren’t going to be searching for it, but there should be a wave of new marketers and curious business owners interested in evergreen content.
  • I’ve steered away from talking about any specific SEO and content marketing trends or Google algorithm changes as these will date the article.

How does it help my content marketing?

So glad you asked! Evergreen content not only boosts your SEO ranking when done correctly, but also provides a library of valuable resources for your current and future audience. It allows your content team to re-purpose high performing content so they can work smarter, not just harder. If you already have a lot of content, dive into your analytics to identify your top performers – you never know, you might already have some evergreen content!